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MediaSiteScript v1.0 is a product that allows anyone to start their own media website containing a mixture of video clips, games, pictures, and animations. Instead of the tedious job of editing HTML files, every aspect of a MediaSiteScript powered website can be easily managed from an online administration area.

For site owners, MediaSiteScript offers an easy-to-use online administration area for managing all aspects of your website. You'll be able to add media (SWF, DCR, WMV, GIF, JPG, or custom) to your site, as well as moderate user comments, add external links, and manage site settings and user accounts.

For website visitors, MediaSiteScript provides a simple and intuitive user interface to help keep visitors on your site. Visitors will be able to register, add comments, rate media, view user profiles, and track their favorite media files.

Language: PHP 4 (5 compatible)
Database: MySQL 3, 4, 5, or greater
Base Script Size: 141KB

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