Image Studio Pro is a powerful image management program including various image utility tool.
You can process your photos easily. It supplies more than 40 image effects and image filters, including invert, emboss, gray scale, mage brightness, contrast and color saturation and etc.
Image Studio Pro can help you collect and manage your images. You can search the image with keyword and modify the image information. Image Studio Pro supports dozens of image effects and filters, you can use them to process images.
Image Studio Pro allows you to search the graphic files from hard disc and CDs and then save the related informaion into database.
You can set one or more than one keywords for each image, and you can add description, author, datetime and so on for each image.
Image Studio Pro can import more than 100 graphic file formats and export 50 graphic file formats, you can convert one format to another format.
Image Studio Pro allows you to create a HTML album, you can conveniently share your images and photos with your friends and families.
Directly send images by E-mail, no need any other e-mail tools.
You can create slideshow package, it is used to share your images and photos with your friends and families.
It allows you to convert image to BMP format and set it as the wallpaper.

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