Artist : Element
Release: Alteration
Genre : Progressive Psychedelic Trance
Label : Avalanche Records (_
Country: Germany
Release Date : Nov-11-2005
Length : 75:07 min
Quality : VBRkbps 44,1khz
Mode : Joint-Stereo
Size : 113,4 MB

01. Pad Song
02. White
03. Real World
04. Drop D
05. Caveman
06. Alteration
07. Flowers
08. Full Flavour
09. Go This Way
10. From The Rain

Here it comes the long awaited 3rd album of Element! After a creative break and some personal changes, Element is back with this 10 track killer album. Less vocals and and a bit less guitars than on the last album, 'Alteration' is just made to rock the dancefloors.

Known for their bright uplifting trance anthems, Element have become one of the biggest german trance-bands with a hugh fanbase all over the world. They have played on big international festivals such as Arcadia Mt.Fuji-Japan, Samothraki Festival, Greece, as well as the legendary Zoom festival in Switzerland with 20000 ppl., and are now ready to coquer the world again with this stunning album.

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