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Martin Tillman - Eastern Twin

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The executor: Martin Tillman
Album:: Eastern Twin
Eastern Twin Publishing house: Rounder Unitone Recordings
Genre: New Age
Style: New Age; Contemporary Instrumental
Year: 09/26/2000
Format/quality:: MP3 / Lame / 192 Kbps / 44.1 Khz/ Stereo
44:41 Min
61.5 Мб

1. Odessa (Tillman/Vedvik) - 4:35
2. Nothing on My Mind (Tillman/Vedvik) - 4:30
3. Amadeus on the Nile (Tillman/Vedvik) - 6:07
4. Eastern Twin (Tillman/Vedvik) - 5:21
5. Close to Water (Vedvik) - 5:29
6. Ceremony (Tillman/Vedvik) - 4:19
7. Trans Mojave (Tillman/Vedvik) - 4:38
8. 7 Saris (Tillman/Vedvik) - 5:36
9. Rue Sibeluis (Tillman/Vedvik) - 4:05 … n.rar.html

" Eastern Twin " (" East Double ") - very beautiful album of the American composer, the violoncellist and keyboard player Martin Tillmana (Martin Tillman). The album has been written down in the co-authorship with the known musician and the producer Volume Ведвиком (Tom Vedvik) which publishes the music on Cyber Octave, саблейбле Higher Octave Music. As consequence, music of this small at present an album (45 minutes) has something the general with music of such well-known groups as "Brain-scapes" and "Sorma" is special It is special graceful softness and melody of world-music with its refined rhythms and the exotic tunes, strengthened by the magnificent parties of a violoncello giving easy grief and little bit severe mystery to some compositions of an album. In general, on this album to the bottom register it is paid special attention - the powerful and deep vibrating bass is perfectly registered is present test for your acoustic system. Music of an album bears easy prints of many styles and directions modern


[реклама вместо картинки]


A fantastic way to clear the mind.To Black Cat and like-minded listeners: I am sincerely sorry if you were under the impression that this was a collection of instrumental pieces. If I had to identify the dominant character of "Eastern Twin," I would call it a fusion showcase. Styles melt and run together, wave after wave of percussive synthesizer effects assault the listener, until there are no individual instruments or even sounds - there is only a raging river of music.

Вы здесь » Free » Electro / Электроника » Martin Tillman - Eastern Twin