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Internet-ready presentation in the Macromedia Flash™ format.

With PointeCast Publisher you can add new interactive features to your presentations, including:

* Audio Narration: Record a narrative for your presentation and synchronize it with your slides and animations.

* Flash Movies: Easily add Flash graphics, movies, applications, and video to your PowerPoint slides.

* Quizzes & Surveys: Create interactive Flash quizzes and surveys, choosing from nine different question types.

* Table of Contents: Group slides under section headings for quick and easy navigation in the converted presentation.

Flash Presentations
Now you can easily convert your new and existing PowerPoint presentations into online Flash presentations, complete with your own narration. Your employees, customers, and partners will appreciate the flexibility of viewing your presentations anywhere, anytime with any standard Web browser.

Online Training
For advanced online training, PointeCast Publisher (Professional Edition) creates SCORM 1.2 compliant content that can be easily uploaded into any SCORM-based Learning Management System (LMS) such as PointeCast Portal. PointeCast Portal is a web-based LMS that offers advanced distribution, management, and tracking options—at a price you can afford.

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