There is no financial crisis

Wazzup! Been lurking for a while and decided to sign up and post. 

Well, tbh I had this experience recently. Here is what happened  After classes I took the bus, I was starving so I dropped into this place for a snack and ordered a sandwitch and took it to a table and sat down after finishing it I realized I had not paid for it!

Yeah evidently they were super busy and distracted because there was this manager/investor type looking around everywhere and talking to them.

The reason I didn't realize this was cuz I was really tranced out over this idea about last year's dow jones numbers. The fact is that nothing crashed except currency! All the people in all the companies are still there, all the technology is still there and not forgotton. Now obviously besides the fact that the dollar is known to have lost value the price of stock(in dollars) has also crashed. Now think! Shouldn't the opposite have happened? How can stock value fall more than currency? It can't! This financial crisis is purely psychological and those who don't snap out of it are doomed to failure. Not that it matters much to me personally at this stage in my life though but my guess is that most people are fully unaware or only partly aware that most stock is currently undervalued and there will be no depression. This is so audaciously simple that it just goes over everyone's heads. All of these figures of low growth don't mean anything. Answer me this, if the growth of the last decade was 20% then what difference does it make if everything shrinks by 10% over the next decade? Answer, none! There is no crisis or as that one person whose name I don't recall right now said, it's just an opportunity.