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Wise Hand feat. Nouri - Manschoud

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Year: 1997
Style: Ethno/Worldbeat
Country: Germany
Format: mp3/320/Stereo/cue/3%Recovery
Size: 134 mB
1. Manschoud
2. Timeless
3. Safi
4. People
5. Marrakesch
6. Ai Dis
7. Spirit
8. Good Bye
9. L'Amor Indra

Whether it is necessary to speak about it - such music is done by sorcerers. It is not necessary to be surprised to sudden visions by which listening "Marrakesch" will be accompanied. Let even founders have for certain studied musical traditions of the countries of the world, but one erudition to not explain that magic influence which renders their so-called припопсованный world music. You will take in hands a disk, and further nothing depends on you. If you will not switch off at once you will not switch off never.   
It is necessary to listen very little, and music will tighten in such unknown abysses, in such universal meditations that you will forget about the one who you are in this life. Lovely girls of the French, индианки and greek women whom so it is sweet sang in "Manschoud", "Safi", " Ai Dis " who from you now so desperately sobs in "Spirit"? And what name carries that strange dream into which you plunge after " L'Amor Indra "? Heart breaks during that instant when the disk in a player stops. Or it because, that the moon?


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Вы здесь » Free » Jazz / Джаз » Wise Hand feat. Nouri - Manschoud