01. Bless This Morning Year
02. Halving the Compass
03. Dragonfly Across an Ancient Sky
04. Vargtimme
05. For Years and Years
06. Coast Off
07. Paper Tiger
08. First Dream Called Ocean
09. The Toy Garden
10. Sons of Light and Darkness
11. Emancipation

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Keith Kenniff mustn't sleep at all, after releasing the incredible Goldmund album Corduroy Road for Type early in 2005 he was already busy at work crafting his second record as Helios; all this while finishing a degree at the acclaimed Berklee College of Music in Boston! Eingya is very different from his work as Goldmund, as it incorporates not only his piano playing, but his delicate touch on guitar, drums and his masterful electronic production. It is an album of wordless songs, eleven carefully measured movements, each holding inside it an entire movie’s worth of emotion.