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All India Radio

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I wish to present your attention the most interesting проэкт from Sydney (Australia) All India Radio. Music of it колектива to characterize difficultly (and can not so), wished to create for them a separate theme, but has changed the mind, all the same under concept эмбиент they can be dragged. And then that who here looks it will be very interesting to get acquainted with this collective. It is assured to you it is pleasant, I have fallen in love with their music. While there are only two their disks.

All India Radio : All India Radio + Bonus DVD ©2003
1. Home
2. Tijuana Dream
3. Silent Surf
4. Untitled Beginning
5. Evening Star
6. Open Sky Experiment
7. Voodoo Instrumental
8. Moon Rise 1989
9. Waukaringa
10. Trincomalee
11. 10:58
320kbps, high quality, stereo.

All India Radio : Permanent Evolutions ©2006

1. Open Sky Experiment (st-244 remix)
2. Permanent Revolutions (Don Meers remix)
3. Little Mexico
4. How Many, For How Long (Morphodic Bliss Mix)
5. Dark Ambient (am mix)
6. Life And How To Do It
7. For Angel (All india Radio vs Don Meers mix)
8. Lo Fi Groovy
9. Walking On A.I.R.
10. Delhi Dub
11. Pray To The TV Funk (Left Brain Mix)
12. A Moment (TV Version)
13. Old India
14. The Long Goodbye
320kbps, high quality, stereo.


this is not ambient, but sounds very very`s beautiful ambience-electro-indie-rock.

Вы здесь » Free » Electro / Электроника » All India Radio