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DVR-Studios Pro 1.24

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DVR-Studios Pro Offers, based on DVR-Studios, integrated DVD authoring and burning and the additional possiblity to create DVD menus. It takes only 2 clicks to create a dvd after the usual editing of a recording!

DVR-Studios Pro Enables You To Transfer Records From Harddisks Of Various Satellite Receiver Models To Your PC Using Transfer Modules. You can either create appropriate file formats needed for a straight play-back on PC or for burning your recordings on a dvd directly.

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Крутая прога. Но нормального кряка не могу найти:(((


В этом архиве должен быть нормальный...


не могу найти хороший кряк


А где архив то?


Ghbdtn? vyt nj;t ye;ty rhzr

Вы здесь » Free » Old topiks. » DVR-Studios Pro 1.24