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Traktor DJ Studio v3.1.1.053

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Native Instruments Traktor DJ Studio

Whats new?
The most important changes in look & feel
* Progress bar has been moved under the directory tree and can optionally be de-activated
* Shortcuts for folders and lists are now located in the main browser window. They can be activated individually
* Browser buttons are now labeled with expedient icons for fast and intuitive use.

Usability - Overview of all major improvements
* On the Road. Start exactly where you quit. Loop lenghts, beatjumps and knob sensitivities are recalled after restart. Recall also includes the master tempo.
* Starts and pauses preview of selected track with only one single command
* Phase Sync can be controlled via mouse scroll wheel
* Experimenting with playlists – no problem. There is an undo function for sorting and removal of tracks from playlists
* “Never change a winning team“ - while remaining creative and flexible. The "renumber" button has been replaced by a "lock" function in the context menu of each playlist. After restarting, locked playlists do not recall changes made to them during a session. Permanent changes to playlists have to be applied in unlocked mode.
* BPM search range for tracks has been narrowed to +/- 2.5 BPM

New information features
* AAC (.m4a) metadata now fully supported
* Shows number of tracks, total time and total size of selected playlist
* Selected tracks can be viewed in Mac finder or Windows explorer

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Вы здесь » Free » Old topiks. » Traktor DJ Studio v3.1.1.053