The demand for computer simulated clothing is rising with the increased production of computer animated films as well as character-driven effects sequences in live-action movies. One of the most powerful tools for creating digital clothing and simulations is Maya's cloth module. Maya Cloth is a cloth modeler and simulator that aids artists in creating realistic and stylized animated cloth for characters, creatures, or other visual effects. The aim of this DVD is to introduce you to the fundamentals of working with Maya Cloth through a series of examples and walkthrough exercises. In this lecture Mark shows how to create garments by seaming panels together or with modeled geometry. He discusses how to manipulate cloth vertices through constraints and how to control garment characteristics through properties. He also shows how to work with collision objects in a cloth simulation and demonstrates how to integrate dynamic fields. Finally, Mark ties all of the basic skills and principles together by creating and animating a hooded robe on a character.

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