Stitcher allows you to create interactives virtual tours which can be either cylindrical, spherical or cubic. Cylindrical panoramas are usually made of a single row of pictures, up to 360° horizontal. Spherical panoramas are made of several rows of pictures up to 360° horizontal by 180° vertical. Panoramas created with Stitcher can be exported in different formats including the most widely used Apple's QuickTime VR format.

Making a Flat Stitch is equivalent to stitching images taken on the same plane/level. A flat stitch is a series of images, where the camera moves in parallel to the level of the object being captured. This type of stitch can be simulated using images that have a very high focal length which is typically the operating mode of a scanner for example.

Stitcher is the best way to create high-res panoramas which can then be printed in very large sizes. The user can fine-tune his settings to obtain "his ideal panorama" in terms of size, resolution and image format. Stitcher also calculates the best-size rendering setting, according to the original size of the input images.


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