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Chronos /DJ Shankar

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Chronos is musical creation from talanted 20 years old musician & producer Nick Klimenko
(aka dj Shankar) from Moscow,Russia.
The way of Chronos paths between ambient/ethnic influences and chillout/trip trance vibrations.

The Idea of creating chillout and ambient spheres was born in early 2002.
Day by day,get more knowledges about this electronic subculture and collecting cds,information.
Soon, this way of sound becomes more deep and more emotional for me,more harmonic and stylistic,than trance.
Some moments later Im starting experiments with atmospheres,going on many interesting festivals,partys,djing with chillout sets,palying live etc.
Since that time the idea of creating chillout,ethnic & ambient music was strongly attached in my mind.
First track named the Mandala was released on russian label Kvadro Disc (check releases section)
After many travels around Russia and other countries,bying equipment,creating studio and getting more knowledges in esoteric,religion,paranormal activities,geographic,modern technologies..... in all of this aspects combined in the way of life and in the musical creation experience...project was finaly born.
Also,I was influded by some really magical and talanted musicians and bands like: Asura,Aes Dana,Carbon Based Lifeforms (C.B.L.),Aural Planet,Healer,Solar Fields,
Enigma,Simon Posford,Entheogenic,Cell,M-Sphere etc.

The word Chronos from ancient greek language translates like Time.
Like internity invisible by mind engine,symbol of our evolution.
The project is not only musical way...its also brings graphic and mind influences
combined in one big source of information - Great Knowledge.

And the way to it are steps,those we are making day by day.

1. Tripswitch - Tachyon
2. Futureprimitive - Rites Of Passage
3. Puff Dragon - Shimmer (Liquid Lounge Version)
4. Healer - Three
5. Entheogenic - Habitual Overtones
6. Futureprimitive - Darkness
7. Cell - Twisted Sun
8. Hol Boumann - Final
9. Blue Planet Corporation - Arcana
10. Aes Dana - Aftermath # 8
11. Solar Fields - Magic Eye (rmx)

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Вы здесь » Free » Electro / Электроника » Chronos /DJ Shankar