Femap is the world’s leading Windows-based engineering simulation tool for finite element analysis (FEA).

Engineers worldwide use Femap to model and simulate everything from simple solid components to entire spacecraft assemblies throughout a broad range of engineering disciplines. From simple linear static analysis right through to advanced solutions based computational fluid dynamics, engineers and analysts use Femap to virtually simulate a complete range of product behavior to reduce costly prototypes and physical testing and before committing to expensive product development plans. This ensures higher product quality, lower development costs, decreased testing overheads and reduced product development time.

Femap is based on an advanced set of open technologies that enable it to work simply and easily within customer engineering simulation environments. Femap is primarily based on Parasolid, which ensures direct access to some 35% of the world’s digital product definition data. In addition, a number of state-of-the-art geometric extensions ensure that Femap is able to work with geometry from virtually any source, directly and seamlessly. Femap also works with an unusually broad range of finite element solver solutions. This makes Femap a very logical and flexible solution that is simply tailored for even the most demanding customer needs.


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