PanoramaStudio ver.1.53 | 4,50 MB

PanoramaStudio. Creation of seamless 360 degree and wide angle panoramic images. This program combines simple creation of perfect panoramic images within a few steps with ambitious postprocessing features for advanced users.
Creation of digital panoramas

* Clear and easy user interface, large work space
* Automatic stitching, enhancing and blending of your photos
* Uses the Exif data of digital cameras
* Manual postprocessing of all steps possible

Many helpful features

* Automatic focal length detection, automatic correction of lens distortions
* Perspective correction allows an arbitrary position of the horizon
* Editing of hotspots for QuickTimeVR and Java panoramas
* Simple image import with thumbnail previews
* Filters for additional image editing
* Scaling, rotating and cropping of the input images


* Print panoramas in poster size on multiple pages
* Export your panoramas in common image formats, as QuickTimeVR or as interactive Java panorama.
* Creation of HTML base files for QuickTime and Java panoramas

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