The award winning PS-1 Performance Synthesizer is the result of an exciting collaboration between ProSounds and DASH Signature and has been designed with the advanced sound designer and electronic musician in mind, incorporating a large number of high-end features while still maintaining ease of use with its intuitive user interface.

The PS-1 is a VST instrument plugin (VSTi) for Windows featuring four multi featured oscillators, custom WAV file import (with over 80 waveforms included!), a mixer, 2 resonant multimode filters (routable in both serial and parallel), two Low Frequency Oscillators (LFOs) and two ADSR envelope generators. The PS-1 also includes some advanced performance features, uch as a powerful arpeggiator and trancegate, as well as an effects unit.

The inclusion of an effects unit in the PS-1 means that where effects have been used in the sound design process they can be conveniently saved within an instrument patch with each sound for easy recall. The effects unit features four high quality effects including an ultra fat double chorus, a superb digital delay with modulation, a distortion unit, and a reverb unit.

The PS-1 also includes over 1000 professionally designed factory presets covering a wide range of different sounds (basses, pads, leads, sound FX, arps etc.) and suitable for every genre.


- 4 high quality oscillators each with 12 different internal
waveforms, and over 70 extra external waveforms (WAV files).
- All 4 oscillators have separate controls for volume, pitch
(octave, semitone, fine) envelope amount, LFO amount, PWM
amount, PWM mode (LFO, envelope, manual).
- Separate mixer section with oscillator volume, mod amount,
ring modulation (oscillators 2 and 4), boost and a noise
generation unit.
- All 4 oscillators can load custom waveforms (WAV files, 16
bits, 44.1khz, mono).
- True mono-legato mode with glide.


- Two resonant multimode filter units with low pass (12db,
24db), high pass, band pass, and notch filter types and
automatic gain reduction.
- Both filter units operate in either parallel or serial modes
(with mode selection and mix control).
- Optional keyboard tracking of cutoff frequency for each
filter unit.
- Both filter units have separate controls for type, cutoff,
resonance, envelope amount, LFO amount and keyboard
- Smooth filter option.

Envelope Generators:

- 2 envelope generators each with attack, decay time, sustain
level and release time (ADSR), as well as velocity control.
- Envelope 1 is dedicated to oscillator volume.
- Envelope 2 is used for filter cutoff, resonance, pitch and
oscillator PWM.

Low Frequency Oscillators (LFOs):
- 2 LFO units each with control over rate, shape and delay.
- LFO 1 is dedicated to PWM, Filter Mix, or Noise Level.
- LFO 2 is used for filter / pitch / volume.
- Both LFO units can be synced to master MIDI Clock.

Performance Tools:

- Arpeggiator with mode selection (up, down, up/down etc.),
octave range, and speed controls.
- Trancegate with a 16-button grid. Option to sync speed to
master MIDI Clock.


- High quality distortion unit.
- Digital delay with modulation.
- Double chorus unit.
- Reverb unit.

Other Features:

- Digital display, that shows the value of each parameter
during editing.
- Up to 16 voices.
- Auto glide switch on/off.
- MIDI learn functions.
- Random preset generator with 4 modes.
- Sound quality selector, for saving CPU usage.
- Low CPU usage with advanced voice allocation.
- Over 1000 professionally designed factory presets.

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