Capture, edit and burn your photos or video quickly and easily!

Capturing, editing and burning professional-looking slideshows that you created with your own photos or video has never been easier! Presto! MagicSlide is a handy media-burning program that helps you collect photos from your scanner, disk, and digital camera or video from DV camcorders or other recording devices. Then, once you have collected your photos or video, you can quickly burn your customized slideshows onto DVDs, SVCDs or VCDs that MagicSlide helps you easily create so you can share your images with your friends and family.

Presto! MagicSlide helps you retrieve your favorite photos or video from nearly any mass storage device so you can turn them into multiple slideshows. Through its open architecture, you can quickly select the photos or video you want and them begin to create your customized photo album.

With a variety of different menu templates and transition tools, you can produce professional-looking albums that viewers can quickly browse. You can add your own captions or text along with adding music or even your own narration to enhance your audience's viewing pleasure. Presto! MagicSlide's array of editing tools helps you to easily become your own director, helping you to create beautiful photo or video albums within a few minutes!


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