Dupli Find locates duplicate lines in textfiles, Excel spreadsheets and Word documents. Found duplicates are reported and can be easily removed from the file. Custom scripts can be used to narrow down the search for better results. Dupli Find can also be used as a general text utility that provides many functions for manipulating text files. Everything can be automated using command lines to save time and effort.

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Use Dupli Find to...

• Delete duplicate emails in mailing lists.
• Extract emails from various sources.
• Sort textfiles, ascending or descending.
• Convert from Unix / Mac OS X format to Dos / Windows textfiles.
• Gather statistics from your data files.
• Modify each line in a file using your own scripts.
• Verify serial number generators, where each line must be unique.
• Merge several newsletter files into one.
• Apply blacklists to files.

... and more! By creating your own scripts there is no limit on what you can do with Dupli Find!

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