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Help search engines find all pages - use XML sitemaps
With HTML and XML sitemaps you can help Google, Yahoo and other search engines to:
Index your entire website including blogs and forums.
Speed up finding and showing changed content.
Ease the bandwidth load on your webserver.
Decide pages shown in search engine result pages.

The most important sitemap file kinds are:
Text sitemaps: Simple format that Google, Yahoo and most search engines support.
HTML sitemap: Help humans to find all pages using a HTML website sitemap.
RSS sitemaps: RSS protocol uses XML and is especially useful for blogs and feeds.
XML sitemaps protocol: Keep Google, Yahoo, Ask, MSN and more search engines informed.

Build sitemaps - create sitemaps for any website
Tune crawler performance and server load using simultaneous connections.
Crawl everything from small to giant websites with many thousands of pages.
Scan local and online websites on internet, localhost, LAN, CD-ROM and disks.
Scan static and dynamic websites such as portals, online stores, blogs and forums.

Website crawler options - scan large and complex websites
Pause and start website scans. Easy to resume and refresh crawling.
Use include and exclude filters to control which files to crawl and list.
Follow all kinds of references including redirects, frames, javascripts and images.
Login through most post form and baisc authentication user access systems.
Scan a website from multiple start paths. Useful for websites not fully crosslinked.
Alias paths during scan, e.g. hxxp://www.example.com and hxxp://example.com.
Detect and remove standard and custom session IDs in urls.

Sitemap builder options - create text, HTML, RSS and XML sitemaps
Includes a rich template system for generating HTML sitemaps.
Can calculate Google XML sitemap priority values for all pages in website.
Allows to change the root path used. Useful if scanning localhost website copies.
Save bandwidth with easy splitting and GZip compression of XML sitemap files.

Sitemap tools - view broken links and automate website scan
View normal, broken and redirected links found in website scan.
View reports within all directories about files found and response codes.
Integrated FTP sitemap upload. Can also ping and notify Google of sitemap changes.
The command line functions can be automated by task scheduler, scripts and batch files.

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