Start making music right from your home computer with Music Creator 4. Just plug in and hit Record. No matter what you want to record—guitars, keyboards, vocals, CD samples, or any other sound source—Music Creator makes it easy to start making and recording music.

Turn your musical dreams into polished, professional recordings right from your home computer with Music Creator 4—no previous recording experience required. With Music Creator you get the tools, instruments, and effects you need to create, record, edit, mix, and promote your music in one integrated software solution. Creating music on your PC has never been easier, more fun, and more affordable. All from Cakewalk, makers of the # 1 selling music software in the world.

1. Just plug in and hit Record. Once you are done recording, you can edit, arrange, and mix your project all in one integrated view. Music Creator 4 is designed to let you concentrate on creating music, instead of bogging you down with confusing software.

2. Music Creator 4 gives you quick access to the most frequently used tools. Control the volume and panning of your mix and more with just one click of the mouse. In addition, Music Creator 4 includes hundreds of Track Icons which you can use to easily identify what is on each track.

3. Music Creator 4 comes with thousands of instrument sounds. Using the DropZone drag-n-drop sampler, Roland TTS-1 GM 2 synth, and Triangle II synth, you can perform with high-quality instrument sounds including authentic Roland® sounds, analog synths, pianos, organs, horns, guitars, bass, cellos, and much more.

4. Use the new console mixer to mix your songs just like the pros. You also get views like Arrange, Piano Roll, Drum Editor, Staff Notation, Synth Rack, and Loop Construction. Whether you are
editing a session, remixing, notating, or creating video soundtracks, you will have all the tools you need to get the job done quickly.


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