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Blocks hackers from attacking your Wi-Fi® network.

Encrypts personal information and transactions sent across your wireless network.

Thwarts even the most determined attacks using automatic security key rotation.

Eliminates the hassles of networking by making sharing files and printers easy.

Simplifies security with the new McAfee® Network Manager and

McAfee recognized that wireless networks, while very popular, are also generally insecure. They developed this product with home users in mind to automatically protect the wireless network from unauthorized access. According to McAfee, some of the key features of McAfee Wireless Home Network Security 2006 are:
Strong automatic encryption: Encryption 'scrambles' the data so that only those who have the key are able to unscramble it and read the data.
Scheduled rotation of encryption keys: It is possible under some circumstances for someone to intercept or determine what the key is to unscramble the data. Rotating the key makes it harder for someone to get it.
Comprehensive protection: Protects your wireless network from attempts to steal or intercept data, steal your identity or hijack your network connection as well as other wireless threats.
Automatic detection and protection:Automatically detects computers attempting to join the wireless network and notifies you. Simple interface lets you easily allow trusted systems in, while keeping hackers and other untrusted systems out.

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