The idea of Reflex came some years ago as Steinberg introduced the VSTi-i standard. We started to develop a tool that we wanted for our own music production. After years of usage and development, we decided to introduce this tool to the public.

Reflex is a VST-Instrument specifically built for working with drumloops. It detects the tempo of your loop, pitches it to the host tempo and maps the slices to your midi keyboard. All this is done in real-time. You never leave your sequencer.

The main concept behind Reflex, is to make working with drumloops more efficient by automating the usual time consuming preparations.

Reflex also allows you the flexibility to swap beats or change the tempo at any time, thus eliminating the need to manually prepare the audiofiles in your sample editor as well as saving valuable harddrive space. All this is done non-destructively in your computer´s memory.

Reflex Features :
- Modular Slice Routing
- Slice Sequence Editor
- Realtime "Bar Swap"
- Automatic Beat Matching (Sync to Host Tempo)
- Anti-Click Micro Envelope
- Double Function MouseButtons (LEFT / RIGHT)
- Hitpoint Detection
- Synchronized Multistep Envelopes
- Midi Controlled Beat Morphing
- 3 Different Midi Play Modes
- LP/HP/Bandpass/Notch Filter
- With pre and post Distortion
- H.Q. Stereospread and Analog Sounding Compressor
- 4 Loop Engines
- Lofi effects
- Graphical Slice Point User Interface
- Intelligent Library Handling for fast Loop Browsing
- Integrated VSTi Connection to Online Drumloop
- Library
- Includes Artists Sampling CD House,Electronica,
- R & B,Dance,Pop Loops
- Fat Bitcrusher
- 24 BIT 192 KHZ WAV/AIFF Support
- Prosoniq MPEX2 Time and Pitch machine ( ONLY FOR PC )
- and much more...


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