Learn to program a dynamic scrolling gallery for Flash using Actionscript 3 and Actionscript 2. Thumbnails are loaded dynamically from a folder outside of the .swf file. When viewers click on the thumbnail a larger version of theimage is also loaded externally. This Flash tutorial teaches both Actionscript 3 and Actionscript 2. Key features include...

• Dynamically load thumbnails and larger-sized images from external folders. Simply tell the Flash file how many files to load, and a base file name (like "universe.jpg") then publish and upload!
• Load images (JPG, PNG, GIF ) or other Flash files (.SWF)
• Thumbnail links can be setup to jump to another frame, another URL, or load larger images (as above). Each thumbnail link can run a different Action. The example above only loads images, but you can program links to do anything.
• Completely customizeable. Easily change thumb sizes, scrolling speed, mouse-over areas, colors, etc.Remember, you're buying training, not just a template. By the end of the videos you'll know exactly how to modify the Flash files.


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