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World New Age

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Collection world New Age presented by the best authors of this musical direction: Medwyn Goodall, Mamelang, Phil Thornton, Terry Oldfield, John Richardson, Midori, Patricia Spero, Philip Chapman, Steven Cragg, Kargo. Easy beautiful modern melodies successfully are in harmony with ancient cultures of people of the Earth, the wildlife, exotic voices, sounds of traditional tools are added by graceful electronic arrangement.

Date of an output: 2006 Studio of record: Landy Star Music 45 tracks the General time of sounding - 4 hours of 59 minutes 256 kBit/sec. 44,1 kHz, Stereo Are broken into 6 parts:

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Hi - removed due to inactivity ... ANY CHANCE of a re-upload pleeeeze


Hi Nerga - is there any other site where this is uploaded?  ;)

Вы здесь » Free » Other things... / Другое... » World New Age