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What is Media Center 2005? MCE 2005 can take the PCs you build for your customers from the desk/office to the places they belong: the living room, the bedroom, and virtually any place where people go to enjoy home entertainment. Designed to become the central digital media hub in any entrainment system, Windows Media Center 2005 brings exciting new features to the operating system such as: HD TV Tuner Support, Dual TV Tuner Support, Enhanced DVD-Burner / DVD Writer Support including Direct to DVD Recording, Caller ID (Screen Pop) support and much more.

Windows XP vs Windows Media Center 2005. Windows XP Media Center is a superset of Windows XP Professional Edition that provides a wide range of features to help you use multimedia technology such as: TV Tuners, FM Tuners, Video Capture Devices, Digital Cameras and more. These features go above and beyond what was possible in Windows XP Professional to help make your PC a digital hub for all your multimedia needs. Top Benefits: Enjoy digital entertainment in a single system. Access more entertainment with less effort. Make any living space a home theater. "Time shift" live TV and radio - and never miss a moment. Watch TV shows on your schedule. Experience digital memories with friends and family. Work and play at the same time. Puts music at a user's fingertips. Connect with movies, music, and more - on demand. Do amazing things! New Featuers for 2005: Supports dual TV tuners. Supports HDTV tuning. Supports direct to DVD recording. Enhanced caller ID features.


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