Professional Photographic Printing Software
Qimage is our world renowned batch printing and processing software. Want optimal quality?
-- Qimage uses cutting edge interpolation to automatically maximize quality.

> Optimal print quality regardless of size
> Optimal arrangement of prints on page
> Mix and match different size prints on each page
> Print cropping tool remembers all your crops
> User controllable final print "smart sharpening"
> Fully ICC aware color management
> View slide shows, send photos via e-mail
> Batch convert, create files for photo labs, etc.
> Automated job log, save and recall jobs/settings!
> Free lifetime upgrades!
> More...

Fully compatible with Vista 32/64, Windows XP, 2000, NT, ME, 98, 95 - Use Virtual PC or Parallels to run on a Mac. Also runs under Linux/Wine.

Qimage is a digital imaging application that has grown from its simple roots of printing multiple images on a single page, to being one of the most frequently referred to and highly recommended digital image applications in the world. Qimage is designed to make image printing easy and painless by eliminating the need to resample images to higher resolutions, manually place images on printed pages, make touchups and apply filters in separate photo editors, etc. For a purchase price that is a mere fraction of the cost of high end photo editors, you get an application that is capable of producing professional quality prints that exceed the quality of nearly all other photo printing applications, even high end (read incredibly expensive) photo editors. Although not designed to be (or replace) a full featured photo editor, the majority of the time you will find that Qimage is the only tool you need to enhance and/or print your digital images. With high quality image noise filtering, blemish and redeye removal, rotation, Lanczos, Vector, and Pyramid print interpolation, and many other "on the fly" tools, Qimage may make many of your other digital imaging tools obsolete.

Qimage offers many features and techniques not found in any other digital imaging software. Check out the features below, but please note that this is not a comprehensive list!

>> Quality: Many professionals and amateurs agree, Qimage simply produces the best quality prints possible, bar none! Qimage is designed to print your original images at maximum quality, no matter what type of printer you are using and no matter what the resolution of your original images. Internal print optimization algorithms use high quality resampling algorithms (much higher quality than traditional bicubic methods) to ensure that you never again have to worry about DPI, print sizes, or resolution numbers.
>> Ease of use: In addition to never again needing to fiddle with resampling, resaving photos to 300 DPI, etc., Qimage offers an efficient and simple means to automatically arrange multiple prints so that they use the least amount of expensive photo paper.
>> Flexibility: Numerous auto placement and full manual placement of images for maximum flexibility. You can print images from different folders and even different drives in the same session, all with different print sizes if you like!
>> Posters: Print 20 images on one page for contact sheets, three 4x6 images per page on an 8x10 page, mixed sizes of different (or the same) images, or a multi-page poster of a single image that covers an entire wall. The possibilities are limitless!
>> Professional quality filters: Cropping, brightness, contrast, sharpening, auto-exposure compensation, levels, curves, CCD noise filters, blemish and redeye removal, image rotation, mirror, image information stamp, and even a luminance-based unsharp mask are just some of the ways that you can enhance your images.
>> Associative and batch filtering: You can apply filters that you design to images as "masks" that get associated with the original, eliminating the need to store separate/modified versions. Simply create your filter and associate that filter with the original and Qimage will apply the filter to the original each time the image is opened for viewing/printing. Of course, you can always save the filtered/modified images separately if you like, so that they may be used in other applications or the web. Filters you design can be applied to a single image or hundreds of different images from different folders in batch. For example, you could apply a dark frame subtraction to remove all the "hot pixels" in long exposure photographs, and apply the "fix" to a dozen different images that you just took.
>> Color management (ICC) support: Full support to actually start managing your images for accurate color. Qimage allows you to link ICC profiles to multiple cameras separately so that you can ensure that you have the most accurate color possible. Also supports profile to profile conversions for images, soft proofing, and more. If you are looking for ICC aware software that can handle all your ICC profiling needs without draining your bank account, Qimage is for you!
>> Many supported image types: Qimage currently supports the following image types: JPEG, TIF, BMP, GIF, PCX, TGA, PCD, PNG, PSD, and raw images types such as CRW, CR2, NEF, RAF, X3F, etc. from more than 250 cameras.
>> Image Comparator: Compare any two images side-by-side using the built in "Image Comparator".
>> Fully automated slide shows: Use Qimage at photo events to continuously display images for customers. Ability to auto-advance and stamp each image with information needed for clients to identify photographs.
>> Image management: Copy, move, delete, auto-rename based on date, and download images from flash cards. Ability to add, change, and search IPTC fields.

Want More?
The following is still not a comprehensive list of Qimage's capabilities, but lists some of the major functions available. Most recent enhancements are at the top of the list.

- Save and load printer setups including driver settings, profile settings, etc.
- Ability to overcome paper size limitations and print very large prints where other software fails or crashes
- Ability to set up your own custom templates with prints, linked text fields, IPTC fields, and EXIF fields
- IPTC editing and searching capability
- Print logging available to keep a record of everything you print!
- Eye dropper white balance tool
- Color profile plugins for specific digital cameras (available for $12.99 each)
- Printer and Monitor color management (ICC/ICM)
- Professional quality editing filters such as noise filters, blemish and red eye removal, USM, levels, curves, selective color changes, etc.
- Image comparator for side-by-side comparisons
- Scrapbook capability with cutouts for images
- Save pages as image files: great for online print services
- Create blank templates and drag new images onto predefined locations
- Stamp EXIF info onto your images for web and other applications
- Folder history helps you navigate to recently used folders
- Shortcuts (hot keys) for super fast access to functions
- Nine interpolation algorithms for greatest flexibility
- Batch resizing (up or down) using any filter
- Ability to create email size copies of images in batch
- Fully automated slide show
- Inclusion/exclusion of file types (bmp, gif, jpg, pcd, pcx, png, tga, tif, nef)
- User selectable window sizes allow for more/less thumbnails
- Smart thumbnail loading means no delay in working with folders that have thousands of images
- File format testing rejects corrupted or unsupported files for crash-proof operation.
- Lossless JPEG transformations (rotation, mirror, progressive encode)
- Customizable auto rename can rename pics on copy/move from flash cards
- Auto rename selected thumbnails without needing to copy/move
- Copy/Move/Delete/Recycle selected thumbnails
- Drag/drop images onto predefined or user defined template
- Global filter allows custom prefiltering of all images
- Print filters allow you to correct print related color issues without modifying your images
- Single click exposure correction
- User selectable crop area
- True full screen view via right click on thumbnail, in slide show, etc.
- Selectable page margins
- Select printer font
- Full searchable Windows help
- Create and save entire sessions (including images in the queue)!
- Create and save page layouts.
- Powerful associative filters put an end to resaving and JPEG losses!
- Thumbnail management allows deletion of unneeded thumbnails
- Fully "resizable" user interface.
- One step download of images from Smartmedia or other sources
- Drag multiple thumbnails to any page/position, drop them before/after images
- Maximize the number of prints on each page, regardless of individual print size
- User selectable interface: full thumbnail operation or filenames only
- View thumbnails if needed or print all images without ever loading them
- Instant preview of page being built
- Mix and match different sizes on same printout/page
- Automatically fit three 4 x 6 prints on an 8 x 10 page
- Print image info for any/all images
- Individual text annotations for each image
- Full support for both English and metric units
- Numerous pagination options for centering images, preparing for cutouts, etc.
- Insert page breaks where needed in the image document
- Ability to rotate individual images manually
- Display digital camera info embedded in JPG, TIF, and other formats
- Add as many copies of an image as you like with one click
- Installation is self contained in one install folder. No clutter from dozens of scattered DLL's. NO system modifications made so no need to restart.

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