If you're familiar with Platinum Theory Hip-Hop, Underground Soundlab or Westside Underground, then you know the kind of hardbody beats, smooth instrumentation, and sampledelic fire producer Henry Willis is capable of throwing down. Steeped in classic R&B style and sensuality, Willis has been influenced by everything from the grit and grime of Public Enemy to the Havana haze of Nuyorican Soul.

Diamond Cuts: Hip-Hop Gems shines with all the hallmarks of a master technician—velvety Rhodes piano, swanky guitars, far eastern strings, bulbous bass lines, and bulletproof rhythms that’ll knock ya neck. Brilliant, seamless lukecage production and finely tuned ACIDization means that these bezel set .wav files will fit snugly inside ACID software or any other DAW. Dig through 58 different construction kits to match up the styles and sounds that you need the most. When you're working with diamonds, you can't go wrong.


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