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Do you have a digital camera or a scanner? Or do your business have many digital photos you need to keep track of? I'm sure you noticed that keeping track on all those photos isn't easy. PixFiler Photo Catalogue will make this easier.
It will locate and display your photo in just seconds. It will read most image formats, even raw files from most digital cameras, no matter if they are stored on your hard disk or on a CD or DVD. And it doesn't slow down as your image collection grows. Several 10,000s is no problem for PixFiler Photo Catalogue.

PixFiler Photo CatalogueBenefits of using PixFiler:

• fast and easy to use
• powerful tools makes it easy to categorize and annotate the photos
• will let you browse photos on CD/DVD without having to insert the CD/DVD
• make reports, prints, and contact sheets
• make auto-run CDs and DVDs
• support many file formats, including RAW for most digital cameras
• full screen viewing and zooming
• hierarchical categories
• get information from EXIF and IPTC meta data
• users can share the same data on a network

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