Diamond Cut Live Forensics 7 is the professional Forensic version of DC7. It includes everything that DC7 has plus a suite of Forensics specific tools optimized for voice extraction from survilence tapes video tapes and other badly corrupted sources

New in Version 7:
Higher resolution spectral filter: Filter sizes up to 65526 bands are now properly supported
Improved time domain adaptive filter: The stability has been greatly improved and the Normalized version of this filter is dramatically faster, especialy at very large filter sizes
DC Live Forensics 7 features in addition to the standard DC7:
Live file logging of both input and output files
Flashback mode that allows you to rewind live real time surveillance recordings while continuing to log and filter live audioAutomated FDAF (Frequency Domain Adaptive Filter)
DSS (Dynamic Spectral Subtraction) for extracting
voice from extreemly high noise situations
Automatic VOX timestamps for survaliance recrordings
Advanced adaptive and spectral filters
30 Band Graphic EQ

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