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Cadenas Partsolutions v8.1.05 Multilanguage Win/Unix

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PARTsolutions LLC is the expert in delivering software solutions for standard parts management, part consolidation and classification, and specialized product configurators and digital product catalogs.

PARTsolutions is the synonym for innovation, success and creativity in software development and consulting in parts management projects. We develop off-the-shelf and custom-made enterprise solutions for our customers worldwide. Our success is the result of the high quality of our products and the extensive experience of our staff.

Intelligent Part Management is a central point of every modern company to manage components and standard parts. PARTsolutions integrates directly into your workflow and closes gaps between your processes. By linking the different data bases of CAD- and ERP-systems you and your staff get any relevant information to search and find at a glance.

Examples for unique functions of Intelligent Parts Management:

Geometrical affinity comparison and parts reduction
 Provision of changes within the parts library
 Up-to-dateness-Check of parts
 Provision of every information and search options from different databases in a central surface
 Detecting of parts/components instead of Searching
 Integration of location specific parts with different material numbers in a central database


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Но очень рад, что увидел ссылки, но объем впечатляет.
У меня наверное такое же есть, но вылечить не смог.
Ничего в лекарстве не было объяснено,
а может я не понял.
К сожалению я не нашел здесь обсуждения и т. д.
Большая просьба, народ (а может и админ):
или объяснить как лечить, или дать ссылку на таблетку.
И можно ли это дисками ???
С уважением, Teodor


Apocalypse... можно ли что-нибудь ответить мне ???

Вы здесь » Free » Industry & Office » Cadenas Partsolutions v8.1.05 Multilanguage Win/Unix