Crypton - VOCALOID2 - Hatsune Miku VSTi.ISO-DYNAMiCS


VOCALOID2 is a new version of VOCALOID, which includes major
improvements in usability and synthesis quality. Here are the key

* New GUI: The VOCALOID Editor (score editing tool) of VOCALOID2 has a
cool new look with improved user functionality.

* A much more realistic and natural sounding vocal: The synthesis
engine of VOCALOID2 uses a different signal processing technique
from Version 1, creating a clearer and more natural vocal.

* Realtime Keyboard Performance (VST Instrument): Written lyrics can
be assigned a note by touch of a keyboard. Now you can "sing" using
a keyboard.

* New functionalities and improvements: Much easier to use
functionalities are newly implemented, which reduce workloads in
creating your music. Existing functionalities are also improved.

* Note auditioning: If you press a note, singing with lyrics and pitch
will be assigned to the note. Instantly check lyrics and notes.

* Transparent control track: Control track for controlling timbre is
transparent, so you can check two parameters at once.

* Toggling between Playback and Rendering You can specify
playback/rendering mode for each track. By rendering the finished
track, you can reduce CPU load in playback. Maximum number of tracks
is 16.

* Expression control: You can easily specify musical expression
(attack and vibrato) with this intuitive user interface.

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Key features:


- Piano-roll editor;
- Note editing / Automatic phonetic conversion / Phonetic editing /
Note auditioning;
- Transparent control track;
- Toggling between playback/rendering;
- Expression control;
- Synchronization with host sequencer through ReWire


- Playback sequence created with VOCALOID Editor
- Keyboard performance with lyrics input in advance;
- 4 polyphonic

Supported Interfaces & Standards:

VST 2.0, ReWire. (Please note however that VST with Cakewalk Sonar is
not supported)

System Requirements

Windows XP/Vista, Pentium 4 2 GHz/ Athlon XP 2000, 512 MB RAM (1GB of
RAM recommended) (2 GB or more recommended when using VSTi realtime)·
Approx 1.5 GB Free Hard Disk Space / DVD Drive.

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1) Unrar

2) Unzip with 7zip

3) Burn or Mount

4) Install Setup .exe and use keygen


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