Create manga and comics from start to finish! Anyone Can Create Manga and Comic Art! Manga Studio 3.0 Debut allows aspiring artists and hobbyists to create professional looking black and white manga and comic art. Debut combines all of the essential tools and features you need to create manga and comics from start to finish.

>> Draw your way. Sketch original art with a mouse or tablet, scan in existing art, or import artwork or graphics to get started. It's easy with Manga Studio Debut!
>> Outline your artwork. Ink your drawings with precision using up to 99 layers per page.
>> Add details. Choose from over 1,800 professional-grade screen tones to add detail to your scenes.
>> Customize with tools. Paint and erase patterns with ease using advanced shading tools.
>> Add action using special effects. Add concentration and speed line effects in seconds to bring life into your scenes.
>> Add dialog to your characters. Easily make word balloons.
>> Publish your work. Output professional quality manga for print or web.

Debut simplifies the design process to make it easier and faster for you to create professional quality artwork.

* Get started quickly. Debut’s intuitive interface, 80+ built-in page templates, and layout tools make it easy to begin your project.
* Design with power and flexibility. Choose from 1,800 screen tones, dozens of special effects, and comprehensive pen and brush tools to give your artwork a unique style and achieve that professional look.
* Get fast results! Perform complicated tasks with a single mouse click. Double your productivity by reusing design elements in a flash!

Whether you're a newcomer to manga or a professional comic artist, whether you create art for work or for pleasure, Manga Studio Debut will help you create top quality black and white manga and comics.

Draw Your Way
Sketch, scan or import your inked artwork directly. Create original sketches using your mouse or draw naturally with a Pen Tablet. Draw with complete control and flexibility using a rich suite of familiar tools including pens, pencils, brushes and selection tools. Use scans of your existing paper artwork or import images or photos for use in your manga creations.

Give Life to Your Artwork
Choose from over 80 built-in page templates for your page or story, or add your own customized templates. Detail your characters and scenes with a vast library of screen tones, or create your own. Choose from more than 1,800 screen tones in Debut. Easily add, remove, and replace screen tones with a simple drag and drop, or create your own.

Amazing Styles & Effects Create Amazing Styles & Effects
Customize your projects with a large collection of special effects and features. Show motion or catch a reader’s attention with focus lines and concentration lines. Use speed lines to express motion or moods, or apply many other amazing transformations! Add dialog by creating your own Word Balloons! Draw amazing effect lines quickly and easily with built-in rulers. Easily add or customize panels for your pages using the Panel Frame Ruler.

Finish for Print or Digital Use Finish for Print or PC
Your finished artwork can be printed from your desktop, sent to professional printers in digital format, or output in popular graphic formats for digital use. Manga Studio exports JPG and BMP files. Easily transfer your work to other popular graphics programs to utilize assets for other projects or to add color to your art.

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