BrainWerks Music Production with Reason 4 is your pass to peek behind the curtain and see how industry professionals use Reason 4 to produce world class grooves, tracks and mixes, all with Reason. Running almost 3 hours in length, video topics include Drum Programming and Sequencing, Arranging Drum Sequences, Setting up a Mixer with Aux Effects, Loading Instruments and Recording a Sequence, Quantization and editing a sequence, Vector Editing Automation Lanes, THOR Synth Programming and Sequencing, Importing Vocals into Reason, Using Equalization to shape the mix, Mastering and much more. If you use Reason 4, this collection will take your Reason 4 productions and sound to the next level.

This groundbreaking release shows you how one of the hottest songs included in the new Reason 4 Factory Soundbank was created! Learn step-by-step how the awe inspiring track “Narrow Escape” was written and produced by the songwriter Josh Mobley (aka Neoverse). In this series directed by Reason Guru and world wide speaker/instructor Kurt Kurasaki, you will be taken on a journey that builds up this track from nothing, into something great.

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