Release Group: r35
Release Name: Tsuumi_Sound_System-Hotas-2007-r35
Rel Date: Aug-30-2008
Rip Date: Aug-30-2008
Artist: Tsuumi Sound System
Album: Hotas
Label: Aito Records
Quality: Lame v3.97 VBR V2
Genre: Instrumental

Release Notes:
Tsuumi Sound System is a highly dynamic modern folk music group consisting of eight musicians with very different backgrounds. Combine the various influences with Finnish tradition and add the bandÆs original compositions and their some what unusual instrumentation, and you have a unique mixture.

Track List:
01. Friskis And Svettis
02. Casino
03. Korento (Dragonfly)
04. Hotas
05. Tuulin Ja Hannun Hõõvalssi (Wedding Waltz)
06. Pahna
07. Minuet
08. Hõssõkkõ (Fuss)
09. Huuma (Ecstasy)
10. Valse Du Caribou
11. Meteor
12. Haave... (Wish...)

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