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a r t i s t : VA
        t i t l e : Shapes And Phases Of Ambience
          d a t e : 2008
        l a b e l : Ghost Sounds
○    c a t : PXYCH.01
      s o u r c e : CDDA
        g e n r e : Ambient
  r l s.  d a t e : Oct/2008
      t r a c k s : 10
    b i t r a t e : VBRkbps
          s i z e : 91,7 MB


     Ghost sounds present a luxurious and submersive compilation
     featuring the work of three artists, Quantec, Deer and
     Relapxych.o. The concept of "Shapes and phases of ambience" is
     to present different sides of ambience, everyday sounds
     constantly surrounding us, outdoor sounds, workplace
     atmospheres, musical instruments, synthesizers or equipment
     used in studios, whatever it might be. The two most basic
     elements being drone and rhythm. Locating and extracting
     rhythms from within ambience, rhythms within drones drones
     within rhythm, deconstructing and reconstructing, alone or
     combined, unlimited. For those looking for the ideal
     home-listening dub tech set, look no further. Fans of
     Deepchord, Gas, Thomas Koner or Vainqueur, this one's for you.

      01-Quantec - Absent-Mindedness                            [07:01]
      02-Relapxych.O - City Nightlights                         [13:20]
      03-Deer - Live in Manchester (Relapxych.O Remix)          [04:52]
      04-Deer - the Reflective Place                            [05:39]
      05-Quantec - Endless Sacrifice                            [08:54]
      06-Deer - Breakhunting                                    [05:43]
      07-Relapxych.Oo - Hallucinogenitaliencryption (Edit)      [08:18]
      08-Quantec - Kry                                          [10:36]
      09-Deer - Intertwined                                     [04:10]
      10-Relapxych.O - Ripples on the Surface of Time and       [08:04]
      Space (Edit)
                                                                 76:37 min


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Вы здесь » Free » Electro / Электроника » VA--Shapes_and_Phases_of_Ambience-(Ghost_Sounds)-2008-UKi