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Broderbund Print Shop 21 Deluxe

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The Print Shop Deluxe 21 is loaded with all of your favorite features and even more valuable tools and programs than ever before. Find everything you need for your personal and business design projects in one convenient location. It's never been easier to create impressive projects like a pro!

If you're ready to add a creative touch to your photos and other digital images, then Print Shop 21 Deluxe is for you. With over 320,000 images and graphics, plus another 17,500 project templates, Print Shop 21 Deluxe gives you everything you need to get started. An advanced photo editor offers expert editing results to make your photos perfect every time. You can easily incorporate them into any project, create slide shows, burn them to a CD, or even resize for your mobile phone. An enhanced photo-quality printing and new borderless print features mean your projects will have the refined look you want! Photo Shop 21 Deluxe even helps you manage your time with Calender Creator Express, and its new address book and mail merge feature give you effortless mailings every time

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Вы здесь » Free » Old topiks. » Broderbund Print Shop 21 Deluxe