-Instantly organize thousands of photos automatically
-Easy tagging feature
-Fast photo indexing
-Unlimited categories and category-nesting levels
-Import keywords (categories) to photos based on your current folder structure
-Customize categories with icon sets
-Sort and View photos the way you prefer, by taken date, by folders, on top of by ratings or comments or keywords
-Attractive, customizable interface along with powerful feature set
-Fast, easy, and previewable photo editing
-Crop and rotate JPEG images without recompressing files
-Improve several images at once with a single mouse-click
-Many photo improving capabilities - auto-enhance, red-eye removal, sharpen, filters, crop, etc.
-View photos as a slide-show with hollywood transition effects. -Sit back and relax while viewing the slide-show
-Email your favorite photos. The photos can be optimized for file size and photo size.
-Multilingual interface
-Application Skin support
-Fully supporting 3D acceleration
-RAW files support for some kind of cameras (Canon, Nikon, Olympus, etc)
-Export as XML
P-owerful search feature (also searches EXIF!)
-Import categories and descriptions from IPTC and EXIF fields
-Ability to save categories, categories structure and description directly to the files (IPTC/XMP)
-Easily Backup and Restore your album and its contents
-Record your photos to CD and DVD. No CD-recording or DVD-recording ("CD-Burning" or "DVD-Burning") software is required
-Save photos to CD and DVD as a web-based photo-album
-Print in various sizes, add a frame around the photos and add a date to indicate when the photo was taken!
-Print using 8x10, 6x8, 5x7 or any specification for printing multiple photos

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