Features and Benefits

1983-2001 Domestic & Import Cars, Light Trucks, Vans
Comprehensive coverage spanning a wide range of vehicles,
from older to later models, from compacts to sport utilities.

Helpful tools for technicians and service advisors. Users find shortcuts
and diagnostic aides for the most difficult problems. Service advisors
improve customer credibility.

Repair Articles, Specifications, Illustrations
Clear procedures, including diagnostics, enhanced by useful graphics
and specifications, give technicians the data they need when they need
it most.

Electrical Component Locators
Locators help techs find important electrical components. ON-DEMAND
has more than any other product.

Streamlined Navigation
Selection choices all on one screen. Improved layout helps technicians
find information in fewer steps.

Article Recall
Recall repair look-ups with a single mouse click. Especially
useful on PCs shared by two or more technicians.

Wiring Schematics
Detailed wiring schematics help technicians locate and troubleshoot electrical
issues quicker than ever before.

NOTE: You WILL need a blank floppy disk for the installation of this program.
All data will be destroyed on the diskette during installation.

Burn/Mount the Installation disc.

Open the Disc in Explorer and browse to the folder "Install Floppy".
Run the EXE file in this folder to create a Key Diskette (Leave all options at
default, unless you need to choose an alternate floppy drive letter

During setup of Mitchell OnDemand4, you will be asked for information relating
to your "Business".

Enter the Account Number "013" and any Business Name you would like.
Leave the rest blank and click Next.

Installation will complete.

Run Mitchell OnDemand.

Burn/Mount Domestic Data Disc 1.

Click "Setup" and then "Registration" in Mitchell OnDemand.

Disc 1 of the Domestic Data will be listed in the window and it will appear
with a checkmark next to it.

Click "Register Selected Products" on the bottom left of the window.

Mitchell will copy some files.

Repeat the steps above for the Import Data Disc 1.

When done, you will be able to select the year, make and model of the
vehicle you are interested in.

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