Your privacy is in danger - on the Web, in filesharing networks and offline. Cover your tracks! With Automatic Delete and Cookie
Management. F E A T U R E S Your privacy is in danger on the Internet, filesharing networks and your PC turn you into a "transparent surfer". Put an end to it! NEW: Now even easier: Deletes traces of your surfing automatically. Prevents unwanted changes to your homepage (Homepage Protector) NEW: Deep Cleaning Shredder: Removes unwanted data from
your hard drive completely NEW: Destroys 97 work traces! Deletes history, logs, cache, temporary files traces from AOL, T-Online, KaZaA, diverse versions of Media Player, Google Toolbar, ICQ... Proven ease of use: With One Click Destruction, Cookie Management, Windows XP control and much more.

English ,Deutsch, France

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