1. Owi, Tristan
2. Name Der Rose
3. Maiden in the Mor
4. Lamento de Tristano
5. Am Morgen Fruo
6. Lasse
7. Ecce Gratum
8. Spiegelglas
9. Maravillosos
10. Entre Moi et Mon Amin
11. Gottinne Minne
12. Vedes Amigo
13. Verirret

mp3 CBR 192 
Genre: Medieval Ambient, Darkwave
97.8 Mb
Total Time: 1:11:02

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Mystical Music Based on a Medieval Romance
With a classically trained vocalist and musicians hailing from Germany, along with music with themes based on the medieval story of "Tristan and Isolde" QNTAL is a pleasant surprise. Here you will find something that is deep, meaningful, and heartfelt, based on a medieval romance of Celtic/Germanic origin and influence; a mystical "soundscape" of sorts, or as the vocalist of QNTAL put it, a sort of "soundtrack" to a movie about "Tristan and Isolde," (if they ever made one.)
A number of years passed between the release of Qntal II and Qntal III: Tristan und Isolde. In that time Ernst Horn, of Deine Lakaien left Qntal and was replaced by Phillipp Groth. Like their two earlier albums, Qntal III is a perfect example of the ethereal or heavenly voices genre of music and will appeal to fans of bands like Dead Can Dance, Estampie, or Corvus Corax. Most of the songs have a nice blend of soft electronics, stringed instruments, and enchanting medieval vocals (many of which are sung in Latin).
Many of the tracks from this album have worked their way to goth radio broadcasts and club floors in Europe and North America. A few of the songs I'd recommend listening to include: "Name der Rose", "Maiden in the Mor" in which Groth's guitar compliments Syrah's lovely vocals, "Ecce Gratum" with its male and female vocals, "Entre moi et mon amin", and "Vedes Amigo". The album is fantastic ... and you will not go wrong with any of its tracks.
If you enjoyed this album, I'd also recommend checking out other European ethereal artists such as Love Is Colder Than Death, Helium Vola, Sophya, O Quam Tristis, and Collection D'Arnell Andrea

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