Country: Germany
Label: Onitor (ONITOR 52)
Genre: Ambient / Deep-Click Electronic
Year: 2006 May
Format: mp3, incredible quality - 320Kb/s

1. Twilight Zone
2. Araki's Dream
3. True Connection
4. To Dance With The White Dog
5. Lost Land
6. The Old Man Looks At The Window
7. Memory Of John Astor
8. Kotodama
9. Maboroshi
10. Pilot Fish
11. Seventh Heaven / After Life

The last two years saw him returning to Japan quite regular – but still Wada is answering on questions regarding his live performances that he is not that kind with them: The studied musician is missing the real instruments in the Laptop-Performance – as a result he is thinking about including them, and why not, as he is playing guitar, piano and trompet among others.For a conceptional artist like Takashi Wada it is a question of ambition to come up with a new direction for his 2nd album – that said, the basis remains the same: architecture, metropolis, landscapes, animals, humans and daily sounds. In opposite to his debut album, on which he explored the pure transport of feelings (not in a sense of presenting them, more as a kick start for the social communikcation processes), he starts a step higher with „Araki“. Wada is targeting for the self-realization.The album feels like unworked wood. Wood which is in its natural condition, not already prepared by humans and included in the functional process of modern society. The meaning behind this: Wada is arguing for a purness of the arts, to step away from the pressures and expectations of the world around the artist and create something out of the process of the own thoughts and feelings – who manages to come to this point, manages to self-realize himself. In the words of the artist: „The idea is to show the energy and passion in this album, mainly.“ As a result he did not leave so much free space in this album – every second is filled with sounds. The sound to this intense process is full of references: Jazz, Artrock, Avantgarde and for sure also still Electronic Listening – Wada is managing to combine the past and future of electronic music in one concept without losing the status quo of our times. „Araki“ is at the same time a small bar club in New York in den late 60ies, with Miles Davis performing, the Can-Studio on the countryside of cologne in den mid 70ies, the desillusionated Sheffield of the 80ies with the Soundtrack of Warp, the hip-but-fucked-up Berlin of the post-wall-time of the early 90ies, the pop academie 2006 and the congress of future 2030.