Key Features:

* Hot Backup an entire hard disk, partition or any their combination (no need to restart Windows) to make a backup image of your system and data.
* Restore an entire hard disk, partition or separate files quickly in case of any disaster.
* Bare Metal Recovery restores hard drive even when you can't boot Windows.
* Differential Backup and Synthetic Backup saves time and space of hard drive.
* Scheduled Backup always keeps your backup image up-to-date.
* Wizard Driven User Interface allows performing backup jobs in seconds.
* "Generate Scrip" option, Scripts Processor and Paragon Script Language Description to automate operation routines.
* Customized logging and email notifications to be informed about backup/restore operations on a remote PC.
* Encrypt and protect backup images with password to save your confidential data.
* Full rang of hardware support include RAID and Dynamic Disks to work on any PC.
* Supports for USB and Fireware drives as well as in-built CD/DVD burner let you keep backup images on remote storage media.
* Backup Capsule to keep backup images in safe protected space on hard drive.
* Disk-to-disk copy allows provide fast and reliable hard drives upgrade.

New Features:

* New user-friendly user interface.
* New easy-to-use wizard for major backup/restore operations.
* Improved Paragon Hot Backup and Paragon Hot Copy technologies.
* Differential Backup
* Scheduled Backup
* Synthetic Backup
* Backup Capsule
* Email Notifications and operations logging.
* Dynamic Disks supports.
* Backup Image encryption and password protection.
* Integration with Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service.
* Ability to run commands before, after backup operations.
* Improved Paragon BTE technology with new graphic user interface.
* Improved and more reliable Recovery Media.
* In-built Volume Explorer
* Easy-to-use Copy and One-Button-Copy Wizards.
* Check image integrity Wizard
* Check Recovery Media Wizard


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