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" Good evening, welcome in Schiller's world. Prepare for travel which will lead(will carry out) you through moods and sound landscapes which will change your life. Close eyes, be weakened and release(exempt) the imagination and the feelings ".

I bring all Schiller's to your attention that is at me. Something from submitted already was published here. Quality 256 or 320 CBR. All was down from a network the Internet.

Schiller - Zeitgeist (2001)
Schiller - Leben (2003)
Schiller - Life (2004)
Schiller - Tag_Und_Nacht (2005)
Schiller - Tag_und_Nacht__Bonus_Tracks
Schiller - Voyage (2002)
Schiller - Weltreise (2003)
Schiller - Prologue (2005)



Schiller - Voyage (DVD) [2002]

The Film:
01. Beginning
02. Distance (feat. Kim Sanders)
03. Dream Of You (feat. Heppner)
04. Schiller
05. A Beautiful Day (feat. Isgaard)
06. Dreams
07. Nocturne
08. Fernweh
09. Ruhe
10. Dancing With Loneliness (feat. Kim Sanders)
11. Homesick
12. Beach Music
13. Magic Garden
14. Destiny
15. Solitude
16. Expedition
17. World Travel ("Weltreise")
18. The End

The Videos:
01. Glockenspiel
02. Liebesschmerz
03. Ruhe
04. A Beautiful Day
05. Dream Of You (feat. Heppner)
06. Dancing With Loneliness (feat. Kim Sanders)

01. Der Anfang (The Beginning)
02. Ein Schoner Tag (A Beautiful Day)
03. Strandmusik (Beachmusic)
04. Distance
05. Dancing With Loneliness (feat. Kim Sanders)
06. Dream Of You (feat. Heppner)
07. Ruhe
08. Das Glockenspiel

About Schiller:
01. Photos
02. Biography
03. Weblinks

Schiller’s Music:
01. Discography
02. Pictures of Schiller’s Musical Guests
03. Personal Comments from Schiller

Total: 25x150Mb + 1x80Mb = 3830Mb
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.rar included 4 files: .mdf; .mds; .sfv; .jpg … part01.rar … part02.rar … part03.rar … part04.rar … part05.rar … part06.rar … part07.rar … part08.rar … part09.rar … part10.rar … part11.rar … part12.rar … part13.rar … part14.rar … part15.rar … part16.rar … part17.rar … part18.rar … part19.rar … part20.rar … part21.rar … part22.rar … part23.rar … part24.rar … part25.rar … part26.rar … verify.sfv

Voyage - The DVD became audio-video representation of album Voyage. It(he) has been divided(shared) on 5 party: the First section followed an album a track behind a track and represented impressing landscapes following in parallel music Schiller. The second represented clips on the most known singles Schiller by then. The third has been made of records of their first alive concert in Germany. The fourth contained photos, the biography, and the Inet - links, and the fifth discography and comments of group.

Big senks kErrY!!!

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Schiller - Life -(Radikal)-Bonus DVD-[2oo4]
    Christopher Von Deylen (Schiller) [Main Performer, Producer]
    Kim Sanders [Vocals, Guest Appearance]
    Mila Mar [Vocals, Guest Appearance]
    Maya Saben [Vocals, Guest Appearance]
    Alexander Veljanov [Vocals, Guest Appearance]
    Sarah Brightman [Vocals, Guest Appearance]
    Mickey Meinert [Guitar]
    Christoph Papendieck [Keyboard]
    Gary Wallis [Drums]
    Hans Hammers Jr. II [Inspiration, Guest Appearance]
    Benjamin Wolf [Photography]
    Katja Stier [Artwork]
    Jimmy R. Smith [Adaptation]

:: Schiller L i v e Frankfurt ::
01. Leben
02. I Miss You
03. Liebe
04. Babel
05. Delicately Yours
06. I've Seen It All
07. Ruhe
Recorded Live at the BMW pavilion, IAA Frankfurt, Germany
Total: 0h34m51s

:: Schiller L i v e Berlin ::
Total: 1h16m55s

Life (bonus dvd) album reviews:
German trance-pop sensation Schiller continued to build upon its amazing success with Leben (aka Life), the Christopher von Deylen-led act's third album and most streamlined yet. Building upon the success of the hit single "Dream of You" from Schiller's previous album, Voyage, von Deylen loads up Life with a number of similarly styled trance-pop songs sung in heavily accented English. In addition to vocalist Peter Heppner, who'd sung "Dream of You," there is a return appearance by Kim Sanders and features for additional English-singing vocalists: Mila Mar, Alexander Veljanov, Maya Saban, and contemporary classical queen Sarah Brightman. The results are unsurprising. Von Deylen doesn't try anything especially new or adventurous over the course of Life; rather, he sticks to the formula that has proven so successful for him, namely light trance highlighted by occasional poetic pop-song moments. The sort of trance produced by von Deylen drifts back and forth between meditative new age soundscape and effortless downtempo dance music, and the pop-song moments are sparse and simple, just as light as the music itself. A heap of comparisons have been tagged upon Schiller over the years, especially in international markets like North America (where Schiller is likened to Enigma and Deep Forest, misleadingly), but von Deylen really is blazing his own trail here, albeit a rather unadventurous one. What began for him in the late '90s as streamlined trance accented by German spoken word poetry (hence the Schiller moniker) has at this point evolved toward highly accessible trance-pop that is more inclined toward soothing candle-lit home listening than sweaty danceclub fodder. As such, it may seem downright alien to most North Americans, who never really took to trance, let alone dance music in general, like Europeans did beginning in the '90s. And for this reason, the emphasis on English-language vocals seems odd. Because Schiller is primarily a German phenomenon, and to a lesser extent a European one, and is likely to remain so, why not stick with the native language? In any event, Life isn't an easily categorizable album and will likely appeal to a very select audience that is partial to either home-listening trance or dancey new age -- or else those genuinely intrigued by where von Deylen is steering Schiller, that is, further toward by-the-numbers trance-pop. [The American edition of Life translates the album title and song titles to English. Thus, Leben is retitled Life and so on. The American edition also appends some bonus features: it replaces the original version of "I've Seen It All" sung by Maya Saban with the Sarah Brightman version, and then appends the Saban version as a bonus track; there's also a bonus CD that includes extensive concert footage from Frankfurt and Berlin, as well as videos for album highlights "Liebe" (Life) and "Leben -- I Feel You."]
~ Jason Birchmeier, All Music Guide

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[реклама вместо картинки]


Total: 23x150Mb + 1x0,8Mb = 3450Mb
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Schiller - Tagtraum (2DVD-Promo)-[2006]-OMA

welcome to the world of schiller...

Schiller - Tagtraum                 
ARTiST..[ Schiller                           
TiTLE...[ Tagtraum                                   
GENRE...[ Trance                  GRABBER.[ EAC         
LABEL...[ Universalmusic domestic ENCODER.[ Lame 3.97     
YEAR....[ 2006                    QUALiTY.[ VBR kbps/44,1hz
SOURCE..[ CDDA                    MODE....[ Joint-Stereo     
PLAYTIME[ 166:16 min              REL.DATE[ Nov-09-2006     
TRACKS..[ 32                      RiPPER..[ TEAM OMA     
SiZE....[ 258,4 MB                SUPPLiER[ TEAM OMA       

01  Lichter                                            05:38 
02  Sun meets moon                                     04:29
03  Tagtraum                                           05:37 
04  Das Meer                                           05:09
05  Driftin and Dreaming                               04:43
06  I miss you                                         05:58 
07  Der Tag (du bist erwacht) (Orchester Version)      04:19 
08  Die nacht (du bist erwacht)                        04:19
09  Die nacht (du bist nicht allein)                   04:32

01  Intro (live)                                       00:13 
02  Willkommen (live)                                  00:50
03  Nachtflug (live)                                   06:09 
04  Morgentau (live)                                   03:56
05  Drifting and Dreaming (live)                       04:29
06  What's Coming (live)                               04:36
07  Schiller (live)                                    06:14
08  I Saved you (live)                                 04:45 
09  I know (live)                                      05:15 
10  Distance (live)                                    07:06
11  Feuerwerk (live)                                   06:05 
12  Irrlicht (live)                                    05:41 
13  Sleepy Storm (live)                                05:37 
14  Der Tag (du bist erwacht) (live)                   04:17 
15  Ruhe (live)                                        04:08 
16  Falling (live)                                     05:38 
17  Miles and Miles (live)                             04:39 
18  Berlin Bombay (live)                               05:48 
19  Dream of you (live)                                05:08 
20  Leben (I feel you) (live)                          05:40 
21  Ein schцner Tag (live)                             05:31 
22  Die Nacht (Du bist nicht allein) (live)            07:18 
23  Das Glockenspiel (live)                            12:29


welcome to the world of schiller...             

sit back, relax and let your imagination and feelings   
go free as you experience a diverse mix of rhythms,       
cultures and emotions. soothing new age melodies         
combine with ethnic instrumentation, exotic vocals       
and futuristic synthesizers as you embark on a           
journey that puts your mind and soul at ease. this is     
serenity. let it's reality engulf you.                 
schiller is the brainchild of christopher von deylen, 
an electronic/new age artist from berlin, germany.       
  he, along with an array of talented vocalists and   
musicians, have created an exotic blend of world and     
new age music with hints of fine european trance to       
delight and dazzle the senses.                         
    a "tagtraum" becomes true                           
    it is again schiller time. after schiller dvd "voyage     
round the world (weltreise)" meanwhile gold the         
  status reached and the successors "to live (leben)"     
with dvd champions award was distinguished, schiller   
more macher more christopher meanwhile fourth dvd its   
publishes global pop project of deylen those. on     
search for new would sound and melodies from deylen     
not simply existing material summarized, but new       
music created. an audiovisual experience, which only     
on dvd the “conference area” publish becomes. on “dvd     
01” are five new songs. for the first time more         
christopher from deylen with an orchestra, legendary     
filmorchester worked babelsberg supplements the         
emotional sounding world of more schiller perfect.       
guest artist jette of roth borrows more schiller its     
charmful fragile is correct. “beeinhaltet dvd 02” the     
complex, concertfilm “live from germany”, turned with   
20 cameras. atmospherically more closely sound shift     
the listener into a sounding benefit. also with it     
the guest artists peter are more heppner, thomas' d       
(“die fantastischen vier”) and clannad be correct   
moya brennan from dublin.                         

enjoy and support the artist.                     
We're always looking for skilled rippers!   
Use one of the contact methods above to apply ;) … .part1.rar … .part2.rar … .part3.rar

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