Application includes:
01- MS Student Graphing Calculator 2006 v15.0.3400.0603
02- PG Calculator v2.2.5
03- AVD Volume Calculator v5.0
04- PractiCalc v3.4.36
05- ProKalc v7.8
06- Second Millennium Invisible Calculator v3.1
07- FAS Calculator v1.1
08- HPMB Calculator v3.32
09- Dream Calculator v1.3
10- Dream Calculator 2006
11- Other Calculators: Love Calculator - Due date Calculator - Birthday Calculator - Life Expectancy Calculator - Robot Calculator (Flash game for kids math training)

Peter Norton's New Inside the PC
By: Peter Norton, Scott Clark
Publisher: Sams
Language: English
ISBN: 0672322897
Paperback: 640 pages
No competing book provides a more in-depth understanding of the working principles and operations of the computer to a general audience. Ensures maximum productivity by providing an intimate working knowledge of the personal computer at all levels. Uses the unique "Peter Norton" approach: expert advice in a user-friendly, hands-on exploratory mode. Topics covered: Inside IBM-standard PCs, processors, disks, memory, peripherals, networking (including the Internet), and the newest developments in 3-D audio and video.

- Use the calculator image keys to get the fixes needed (i.e: key 2 for software number 2 fix, and so on) as well as to control the background song or to exit the application.... There are always tooltips will popup on pointing to any of the calculator image functioning keys...