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Waldeck - Balance Of The Force - 1998

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Year: 1998
Style: Electronic/Trip-Hop
Country: Austria
Format: mp3/320/Stereo/3%Recovery
Size: 112 mB

1 Defenceless
2 Spy Like An Angel
3 Children Of The Ghetto
4 Slaapwagen
5 Aquarius
6 Northern Lights
7 Wake Up
8 Superpopstar
9 Death Of A Piano Salesman
10 Moon
Pass: music

Austria in general and Vienna, in particular, now applies for musical capital smart downtempo. Basically, certainly, due to Peter Kruderu and Richard Dorfmejsteru, acting not only as a duet, but also indulging excellent(different) projects. One only Tosca that costs(stands)! Charles Valdek  has initially been doomed for pejorative comparison with great and seeming copying. The debut album (1998) these diligent Austrians costs(stands) let and in a shadow of achievements of fellow countrymen, but to name his(its) hand-made article in any way it is impossible. " Balance Of The Force " is sleepy trip-hop in the, so to say, a protogenic kind, almost without impurity. Quiet, cool music of enveloping and slightly stupefying action. Without fascinating spirit of splashes, but all is exact on the elected theme.  the real pleasure, is especial for the present(true) admirers of style.

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Вы здесь » Free » Electro / Электроника » Waldeck - Balance Of The Force - 1998