01 Creating a Flash document
02 Importing a file to the stage
03 Showing the grid
04 Showing the rulers
05 Using guides
06 Using the Save and Compact command
07 Reverting to a saved document
08 Exporting a project in SWF format
09 Exporting a project in a different movie format
10 Exporting a frame as an image
11 Getting to know the Flash interface
12 Expanding the properties window
13 Rearranging the panels
14 Saving a custom panel layout
15 Hiding all the panels at once
16 Using the selection and subselection tools
17 Using the lasso and magic wand
18 Using the line tool
19 Using the pen tool
20 Adding basic static text
21 Creating basic shapes
22 Using the pencil tool
23 Using the paintbrush
24 Using the eraser
25 Adding strokes with the ink bottle
26 Adding fill colors and gradients
27 Creating custom gradients
28 Creating transparent fills and strokes
29 Using the eye dropper tool

31 Flipping shapes and objects
32 Stretching strokes
33 Modifying gradients
34 Changing the vertical stacking order
35 Aligning objects with the align panel
36 Grouping objects
37 Creating and deleting layers
38 Distributing objects to layers
39 Duplicating a layer
40 Changing timeline view options
41 Using layer folders
42 Creating a guide layer
43 Creating a layer mask
44 Changing layer color and height
45 Adding timeline effects
46 Creating a graphic symbol
47 Editing a symbol
48 Deleting a symbol
49 Converting a graphic symbol back into a shape
50 Creating a movie clip symbol
51 Viewing the library
52 Importing a file to the library
53 Creating library folders
54 Inserting new frames
55 Inserting a key frame
56 Creating a motion tween
57 Using a motion guide to create a motion tween
58 Changing colors and alpha effects for a motion tween
59 Creating a shape tween
60 Adding shape hints to a shape tween
61 Reversing an animation
62 Previewing an animation
63 Removing and clearing frames
64 Using onion skinning
65 Testing a movie outside of the authoring environment
66 Creating basic buttons
67 Adding a behavior to a button
68 Creating a rollover button
69 Creating text buttons
70 Linking a button to a web page
71 Making a button click
72 Adding animations to a button
73 Importing video into a project
74 Importing sound into a project
75 Using a bitmap as a fill
76 Creating a password text field
77 Changing the orientation of text
78 Drawing a shape from its center
79 Creating custom strokes
80 Viewing artwork as outlines
81 Creating custom strokes
82 Creating morphing text
83 Modifying the motion tween ease
84 Cycling through fonts
85 Setting the symbol registration point
86 Making folders list first in the library
87 Importing videos into movie clip symbols
88 Creating an invisible button
89 Testing rollover buttons
90 Importing Photoshop projects
91 Creating a new slide presentation
92 Naming different slides
93 Adding and deleting new slides
94 Changing the slide hierarchy
95 Navigating between slides using the keyboard
96 Creating navigation buttons
97 Creating a new form application
98 Adding and deleting forms
99 Hiding and showing forms
100 Adding transitions

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