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Unencrypted data is at risk - whether it’s business or personal: Hackers can gain access to your hard drive via the Internet. Work colleagues can take a peek at your data during their lunch hour. You leave your laptop on the train. Hard drives with confidential data are stolen during a break-in. Another person using your PC accidentally opens private documents. You are worried about transporting confidential data. Deleted data is not really gone. It can be recreated with certain programs - even old data traces on your hard drive. While your PC is being repaired, your confidential data should be inaccessible.

Steganos Safe is a standalone module of Steganos Security Suite, designed for users who want or need strong data encryption for their laptops and PCs. Steganos Safe contains four virtual drives in which you can securely encrypt up to 256 GB* of data: Your film archive and other sensitive data can be made secure in no time. After opening the Safe, applications can automatically be started up for added user convenience.


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