PC Accelerator is our powerful all-in-one PC performance and Internet acceleration solution designed to help increase your system and online performance and security. PC Accelerator provides convenient tools to tune up your system performance and ease your computer experience. Perform different tasks and load web pages and images faster than ever before! Furthermore, new to PC Accelerator 2007 are improved real-time system tune-up and acceleration features that dynamically maintain your system performance.

What's new in PC Accelerator 2007?

o New SmartJupiter 2.0 Acceleration Engine

o Optimization support for the latest Intel and AMD processors, including odual-core processors

o Optimization support for the latest ATI and Nvidia video cards

o Optimization support for the latest sound cards

o Optimization support for memory up to 4 GB of RAM

o Improved real-time hard drive optimization performance by 30%

o Improved real-time memory management optimizations

o Improved web acceleration performance

o Improved system auto-tuneup optimizations

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