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SpeedUpMyPC V 3.0

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SpeedUpMyPC, how does it work?
Do you often notice that your PC just doesn’t run as smoothly as it used to? This could be caused by anyone of several problems or a combination of all of them. The problem is, monitoring today’s PCs is increasingly difficult and time consuming. Even experienced users find effective control of all the settings and resources of their PCs hard to achieve.
With SpeedUpMyPC, it’s as though you have a full time technician working flat out just for you, helping you to make the best use of all that processing power that you have already bought. SpeedUpMyPC lets you monitor and control all your PC resources with easy, one click instructions. System settings, internet usage, disk clutter, RAM and CPU are all automatically scanned, cleaned and optimized for peak performance. You can also selectively disable or remove unnecessary background and auto-start processes to cut valuable seconds off your startup time.

• Dramatically optimize your use of CPU processing power and boost critical applications for extra speed
• Use powerful disk defrag and optimization features that are faster and more efficient than the standard built-in versions
• Remove unnecessary background and auto-start applications for noticeably faster start up times.
• Improve your data security with new File Shredder and Privacy Protection tools to completely remove unwanted files and folders, permanently.
• Use File Clean Up to automatically free up even more disk space, quickly
• Optimize your internet connection settings for improved bandwidth, faster browsing and quicker downloads.

SpeedUpMyPC Key Benefits

Superior processing power from your PC
SpeedUpMyPC fine-tunes your system to help you squeeze even more power from your PC for peak performance.

Maxmimize your Internet Settings for faster downloading
Boosts your bandwidth and make the best use of your internet connection for faster surfing and quicker downloads.

Intelligent Advice to Predict and Prevent System Slowdowns and Crashes.
SpeedUpMyPC tracks your system and not only warns you proactively when you are operating at critical levels, but recommends preventive action before problems start.

Enhanced Security and Privacy Features
Sensitive data can be permanently put beyond recovery using the File Shredder, while browsing history and cookies can be completely deleted to protect your privacy, from others who share your PC as well as from hackers. A powerful Uninstall feature lets you totally remove unwanted software much more efficiently.

Exceptionally Easy to Use
An easy to use, award-winning user interface that lets you tweak your settings with a single click. Or lets you navigate and adjust specific settings quickly and easily in just a few clicks.

Superb Value for Money!
Truly, the best and most complete solution at a great price. An all-in-one system tool that gives you more speed and processing power from your PC in one easy-to-use software.

Oct 6, 2006

Size: 5.21 mb




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Вы здесь » Free » Tweaking Utilities » SpeedUpMyPC V 3.0